Sunday, May 26, 2013

Country Music, Home, Temple, Family and Friends.

A few random thoughts:

I came home for a job for the summer. It is a great opportunity to get exposure to the business side of the work force. It is also giving me the opportunity to reach out and help people in a different way. I am getting to use some of my conflict resolution skills. I have to admit I enjoyed talking to people way more than I thought I would. I still get a little nervous, but thank goodness this week is still training.

I go through stages in my music listening. I usually stick to one genre at a time. But these past three or so months, I have just had all my songs on shuffle without a playlist. I loooooved it! I forget how amazing my music is, haha! I honestly never feel happier than when a song I forgot about comes on and it is like hearing it all over again. This time I think it was Where the Green Grass Grows by Tim McGraw. It just made me smile so much! So I ended up just pulling up all my country songs and just listening to them for a few days. Country music makes me so happy! It makes me think of when I was a kid, and driving down the country roads at home and family. Right now I am actually watching the Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night special on YouTube. Needless to say I have been smiling a lot. There is just so much in my memory tied to country music.

I went to the temple for myself, for the first time yesterday. There is so much I could write and so much I feel that is so amazing, but I just want to say I am so so so so happy right now. It was so great.

I have a pretty amazing family. From my immediate to extended family. They are all such a blessing in my life.

Finally, I have been blessed with some of the best friends ever. Yesterday was an experience shared with some of them and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Except maybe to see some more family and a few more friends. :) But they are all so amazing! I love you all!

Monday, May 13, 2013


I love the temple!!! Yesterday at church was all about it, and it was so so so so wonderful! The Spirit's presence was so strong and I am so grateful for this time in my life as I am preparing to enter. The following are just four of 141 active temples in the world!

Salt Lake City, Utah Temple: taken by me

Rexburg, Idaho Temple: taken by me

Nauvoo, Illinois Temple: taken by me

St. Louis, Missouri Temple: found via Google Search

Here is a link to one of my favorite songs about the temple: CLICK ME!
Here is another wonderful song about the temple: Just Lyrics.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How do you do it?

For much of my life I have constantly had an interest in people. I love learning about the mind, people's behaviors, facial expressions...everything about what makes a person who they are. I believe in people. I believe that people are good. I believe that we all have this deep, true, good desire to help others, to make meaningful connections.

But, life happens, socialization happens, and we can become hardened. We can lose that desire to serve and just need to survive, or become self-oriented, or any number of reasons!

This is where my studies have taken me. I began my fascination with people studying the Rwandan Genocide. I wanted to know why someone could do something so terrible! I wanted to understand, or at least grasp the changes that could happen in someone to reach a level to order and then carry out the murders of thousands of people. From Rwanda I went to the Holocaust, Idi Amin, the Middle East (all of it), slave trade, human trafficking, then the blood shed during the partition of India and Pakistan and so on. My soul grew so weary. But I kept studying.

I majored in Psychology in my undergrad and was torn between Mental Health and Social Psych which deals with everything I have always studied. I ventured into documentaries and books about serial killers and dictators. Again, my soul grew even more weary.

Friends and family asked many times, How do you do it? Day after day you read about these terrible do you do it? My answer always was, I don't know, but someone has to.

About half way through my degree I found a light. I began to cling to prayer, my faith, my God and to the words of the prophets. This provided more clarity into the minds of these people I was resigned to never understand. I grew to understand them in the way the Savior does. I don't love them, but I am not disgusted or angry anymore. I understand that they made the choices that took them down those dark paths that led to the atrocities. I understand the sorrow that God feels for His children who choose unwisely. I have felt that many times for many, many reasons and I feel it as I continue to study conflict and violence and war even now.

But as I find myself writing a paper on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I am back where I started. Studying about the bloodshed and violence that was ignited by the Rwandan Genocide, by the rebels and refugees who fled into the DRC and continued violence across the border. That violence has continued for about seventeen years. As I am immersed in the bad, I continue to wonder, why? But this time I have the Lord's help in sorting out my feelings.

So How do I do it? With the help of the Lord.