Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inspiration Saved Me

Yesterday I got in to a car accident...on my way to the doctor. I've only shared this news with family and very few friends so far. I am sore where my seatbelt was and have more emotional scars than anything.

But yesterday as it happened and I saw them coming and something decided to speed up (and honk I think) to try and let them clear me and get into the lane behind me and during the impact and for the moment I was pushed into oncoming traffic and corrected and then stopped and when we pulled over to the side. It felt like it didn't really happen. The sound of the car crushing in the back door or the fear of seeing a car coming at me as I corrected and controlled the car to be safe again...all those feelings and sounds are echoing in my head.

While I was talking to a friend and relaying the details I realized that it was a prompting to speed up. That if I would have stayed at the same speed and assumed they would see me or something...they would have hit my car door and I would have been more injured or something. My door would have been dented in and who knows what would have happened. But I realized in that moment that the desire to speed up was one to save me. I think I knew they would either hit the car or end up in the lane behind me. Things could have been so much worse. I am grateful just the car was damaged, soreness and whatever bruising will go away with time.

I am grateful for a new friend who has been encouraging me to act in faith on things from the Lord. I know his words influenced for good as well in this situation though they were not consciously brought to mind at the time.

Anyway, the point is that part of my summer lessons have been to trust Heavenly Father more and act on promptings. There may be some that I am still having trouble with. But this one when the feeling came I acted. No questions.

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