Wednesday, August 28, 2013


As I have been working on my research for my Master's Project I came across this beautiful statement by Viktor Frankl found in Man's Search for Meaning:

"And there were always choices to make. Every day, every hour, offered the opportunity to make a decision, a decision which determined whether you would or would not submit to those powers which threatened to rob you of your very self, your inner freedom; which determined whether or not you would become the plaything of circumstance, renouncing freedom and dignity to become molded into the form of the typical inmate."

While I was reading this I had gone through a very fearful day wondering if relapse would happen. Would I succumb if temptation occurred? Would I persevere? Would I find a way to make the best of it? Would this...what if... one of the most dreadful games to play.

But Viktor reminded me about choice. He consistently approaches the subject numerous times that everything is our choice. He talks about the gift of choice. It is such a steady principle with the gospel. As we know that agency was gifted to us in the Garden of Eden. The Lord gave it to Adam and Eve. So from the time the Earth was created we have always been able to choose. It is just taking that first step out of and against the binding influence of the adversary.

For anyone bound by the forces of addiction, melancholy, anxieties, hurt and so much more...all we have to do is choose. Though, that first choice is most always the hardest.

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  1. Loved reading that book in Flora's Humanities class! Even though it's a dark subject -- what things we have to be grateful for! One of those being the choices that we make. Beautiful post, Katie!