Tuesday, May 13, 2014

finishing grad school

wow. if anyone said this would be easy...i sure hope i never believed them because it isn't.

i am in the midst, still, of editing my masters paper. the paper that is the culminating work to represent applied effort of what i learned here in boston. as i mentioned before i have been sick for a long time through writing and that has negatively impacted the timeline on this end.

my other class is done. wednesday is the last day for my internship. its just this paper.

i go in small spurts of having so much stress, anxiety and tension in my body and then just trying to accept it all because i am just doing my best. then the stress...projects on to my advisor who i know is even more swamped so those spurts of stress and anxiety and yes, anger are shorter. they are shorter because i want to show him the mercy and understanding he gave me through march and most of april while i worked through sickness. he is a good man and we are just doing our best.

just pray, send good vibes, happy visions, that this will all be able to be done by graduation. please? that would help us...and my evaluator get through these next weeks unscathed hopefully.